Initiation (1998)


In 1997 I took a road trip across the states – ending up living in San Francisco for a year. Whilst there, someone told me about a course for women in Oregon called ‘Into the Mystery’.

I signed up and booked a flight. I had never sat in a circle before – let alone a circle of women – it felt ancient and familiar. Over the course of the weekend we each took our place inside the circle… and were initiated Into the Mystery.

What happened? I happened. I swallowed into the present moment and let myself go. Up to that point I thought you needed to sit on a mountain for 30 years before learning something profound about yourself. Turns out you just have to turn up.

The music starts
My eyes smart
Scrying the dust rise
Of the in between
Swirling in spirals
I follow
Hearing and seeing the raw me

Gazing out and gazing in
The ever watchful eyes
That mark the boundaries
Of my persuasion
Who am I?
My truth speaks and I am seen
Protected by those eyes

The music stops breathless
I drop
Exhausted by
Who I am
I rise, looking out
See my mirror in those eyes
Slowly sweet words kiss my truth
And I am Blessed.