Power (2004)


My un-homage to organised religion

Power, 2003

To procreate or not is not the question
‘tis whether ‘tis nobler to abstain for true ascension
Or glean such a view holds miscomprehension
Of a vital force alive in us all
Veiling desire dams nature’s call
How has the sensual thrill within
Been shamed and reprogrammed as a sin
It all stems back to the very beginning
When Eve ‘fell’’ and tempted ‘poor’’ Adam in Eden
So bloody and vile was the body of woman
No way could Christ be spawned from a used one
So myth number two came to our doom
The Christ child born from a virgin’s womb
From these ancient tales our neuroses feed
Ensuring our urges and sexual needs
Are charged with a sense that we are evil
Creating a world which summons the devil
Where children are fucked and women are raped
And pornography is a virtual escape
Sep’ration is the root of the problem
That we are God’s poor abandoned children
In need of agents to take us through life
Religionists who fuck us with a fig’rative knife
Power is the key, which holds us locked in
Not God’s word that we are all born in sin
Ay, there’s the rub of this fateful problem
How clever to infiltrate into our bedroom
Where the beauty of flesh is there to scold
Dutifully heeding what we have been told
The child within is a victim of shame
As adults it is time to name the game
And know we are makers creating thought
Not do what we should or bloody ought
If Christ died for us and all of our sins
Why today though us do we crucify him?