Vision Quest I (2003)


In 2003, I engaged in a six-month shamanic programme. Shamanism speaks to me, holding all aspects of being – mind, body, emotions and spirit.

One part of the course was a 24-hour vision quest. Being alone in nature with nothing to do except be there, is a profound teaching in who you are – what frustrates you, what concerns you have, how actually joyful you are. The list goes on… and there is no-one around to blame.

Vision Quest I, 2003

I sit on the Earth
With nowhere to go
Alone in my circle
Watching the flow
I sit on the earth
What do I see
Reflections of life
The matter of me
I sit on the earth
Feeling most raw
The heartbeat of life
Pounds at my door
I sit in the earth
Bones from here grow
Connecting all life
As above so below
I am of the earth
Form within space
Seen and unseen
A vessel for grace