Wake Up (2021)


In 2021 I realised that doing nothing with my artwork was becoming increasingly unacceptable. I needed to step up, wake up and get out there.

Wake Up, 2021

I left my heart
Out in the cold
Fearful of who
May cuss or scold
By who I mean
The fucked up man
The one who always

Spoils the plan

Emboldened by
His lofty hue
He sneers his
Brash entitled view
Patrolling patriarchal lines
Demeaning those with
Different minds

So I hid my craft until
The day came when I didn’t

I felt my heart
Beat faint yet warm
From the storm
The freeze of fear
My craft embalmed
A psychic block
To shield from harm
This is not just
A one off tale
The female line
Beyond the veil
Has played it safe
Don’t cross the line
Don’t be too much
It isn’t fine
Be vigilant to
What’s been learnt
Worse case in point
You might get burnt


The ancestors now jostle me
To claim a stake in
His story.