Mindless (2022)


Much is out of balance in our world.  As long as this is the case, we are on a very dangerous trajectory.

Patriarchy’s obsession with inflating the rational mind as the only path to acquiring knowledge, blinds us from our true state – the state of being. Eckhart Tolle in The Power of Now states, “if mental development and increased knowledge are not counterbalanced by a corresponding growth in consciousness [paying attention to how we are being], the potential for unhappiness and disaster is very great”.

As Robert Heinlein says ‘Man is not a rational animal he is a rationalising one.

Mindless, 2021

A clinical grave is a destination
The observer absolved from association
The rational mind marching alone
Trips the system nobodies home
Lofty in thought we hoisted our race
Scraping the skies then on into space
Up here, head bound, we’re so bloody important
No sense of the earth and our total alliance
So focused on seeking empirical truths
Dulls innate instinctive roots
The single-minded pursuit of reason
Has driven us mad, locking us into
A disconnected soulless world, detached
From heart and being involved,
Doing as we will with no thought or care
What does it matter after us nothing’s there
Leaving behind a world poised to blow
Unearthed, adrift from creations flow